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Updated 2022 MLB World Series Odds: Dodgers, Yankees Remain Early Favorites

MLB futures bets offer some of the highest payouts but also present a significant risk because of the length of the season. Hot streaks, cold streaks, injuries, and overall team performance all play a factor, and MLB futures bets are typically a rollercoaster.

At 51-18, the New York Yankees have the best record in baseball and a 12-game lead in the AL East over a team with a .565 winning percentage, the Toronto Blue Jays. In fact, four of the five teams in the AL East have a record above .500, with only the 31-39 Baltimore Orioles lagging behind. Outside of their own division, the Yankees’ stiffest competition could come from the West, where the Houston Astros are 43-25 and cruising to a division title. The 33-35 Texas Rangers are in second place in the AL West thanks to the recent collapse of the Los Angeles Angels.

The National League is a different story. At 45-26, the New York Mets have the best record in the league despite injuries to aces Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer. But the Los Angeles Dodgers (42-25) and San Diego Padres (44-27) are right on their heels, and the Atlanta Braves(40-30), St. Louis Cardinals (40-31), Milwaukee Brewers (39-32), and San Francisco Giants (38-30) are all lurking.

Let’s take a look at the current 2022 MLB World Series across the various sportsbooks.

BetMGM MLB Offer Bet 10 Win 200

What are Player Futures?

Player futures refer to any player-based wager for a future event or a result. These bets often do not pay out until weeks or even months from when they are originally placed. Most player futures are built around a specific statistic, where bettors determine whether that player will come in above or below the oddsmakers’ total. They often open with odds at -110 but are adjusted based on where the majority of bets are placed.

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Author: Micheal May