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Trump Favored in Opening 2024 Presidential Election Odds at DraftKings

  • Donald Trump, US President from 2017-20, is the +250 favorite to regain the White House in the 2024 US Presidential election odds
  • Fellow Republican Ron DeSantis is the second betting choice at +300
  • Incumbent Democrat Joe Biden is next in this betting market at +550

The Trump train was derailed during the 2020 US Presidential election. Oddsmakers are seeing it getting back on track in 2024.

Republican Donald Trump is the +250 betting favorite in the opening 2024 US Presidential election odds. Trump won the White House in the 2016 election, serving as US President from 2017-20. However, he was defeated in the 2020 election by Democrat Joe Biden.

2024 US Presidential Election Odds

Candidate Odds
Donald Trump +250
Ron DeSantis +300
Joe Biden +550
Mike Pence +1400
Kamala Harris +1400
Nikki Haley +2500
Pete Buttigieg +2500
Gavin Newsom +2500
Michelle Obama +3500
Hillary Clinton +4000
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson +4000
Elizabeth Warren +4500
Kristi Noem +5000
Mike Pompeo +5000
Ted Cruz +5000
Tucker Carlson +5000
Tom Cotton +6500
Josh Hawley +6500
Jeff Bezos +6500
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +6500
Ivanka Trump +8000
Tulsi Gabbard +8000
Amy Klobuchar +8000
Michael Bloomberg +10000
Chris Christie +10000
Greg Abbott +10000
Marco Rubio +10000
George Clooney +10000
Gretchen Whitmer +10000
Bernie Sanders +10000
Dan Crenshaw +10000
Mitt Romney +10000
Kanye West +10000
Candace Owens +10000
Andrew Yang +10000
John Kasich +10000
Larry Hogan +10000
Paul Ryan +10000
Megan Markle +15000
Rand Paul +15000
Susan Rice +20000
Mark Zuckerberg +20000
Andrew Cuomo +20000

Odds as of July 19 at DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario.



Americans cannot bet on US politics markets. European books have been offering odds on the 2024 US Presidential election since the 2020 race reached a conclusion. These latest odds are available to Canadian bettors in Ontario. It’s the first betting line to be offered on the 2024 US Presidential election by a North American sportsbook.

Trump Channeling Grover Cleveland?

Democrats have won three of the past four US Presidential elections. The last Democrat incumbent to be defeated was Jimmy Carter in 1980. Grover Cleveland is the only President in US history to serve a term, suffer defeat in his reelection bid and then regain the White House four years later. Cleveland served as both the 22nd and 24th President of the United States.

At favorite’s odds of +250, Trump is offering an implied probability of victory of 28.57%. Wager $10 on Trump and if he wins the election, you’ll win a payout of $35.

Is Trump Going to Run?

It would appear at this stage in the Republican nominee odds that the nomination for President in 2024 will be Trump’s if he wants it. But does he want it? That depends on who you ask.

Those who know Trump well insist that he has no desire to run for the Presidency again. Trump’s only goal is to be grifting as much money out of his supporters as he can between now and 2024.

On the other hand, there’s also a camp that is strongly of the belief that Trump will announce his candidacy for the White House sooner rather than later. In fact, his plans could be revealed as early as September.

That’s not good news for the Republican Party. They’re hoping to make significant gains in the House and Senate during the 2024 midterms. Republicans want the midterms to be a referendum on Biden’s Presidency. If Trump throws his hat in the ring before the midterms, it could upset that applecart.

There’s also a constituency that believes Trump desperately wants to return to the White House, if for no other reason than to avoid criminal prosecution for at least another four years.

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Is DeSantis the Heir Apparent?

Behind the scenes, there appears to be a quiet groundswell of support with the Republican hierarchy to move on from Trump. They’re seeing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the perfect follow to Trump.

Politically, DeSantis offers the same agenda that Republicans want to put forward across the country. However, he’s more polished and professional than Trump. He might fare better at swaying moderates than the bombastic Trump.

Will Biden Turn Two?

Biden is hinting that he’s considering a second term, even though he’ll be 81 years old in 2024. It’s entirely possible that both members of the senior political tour – Trump and Biden – will have been put out to pasture by 2024.

That being the case, it might be wiser to look for value in other contenders in the Democratic nominee odds. It’s unlikely that Kamala Harris would get the nod. Vice-Presidents generally don’t do well in runs for the Presidency.

There will be a groundswell of support for California Governor Gavin Newsom. And don’t count out Pete Buttigieg. He’s a great orator and a fighter. The Democrats could use someone at the helm who’s ready and willing to spar with the Republicans.


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Author: Micheal May