Top 3 MLB All-Star Game Player Prop Bet Odds & Picks (7/19)

It’s hard to predict the MLB All-Star Game. But when FanDuel allows us to bet player props, we have to take a crack at it.

Most hitters will get two plate appearances, and most pitchers will end up throwing just one inning. But with that said, there’s still some value with these props if you dig deep.

Here are some player props to consider for tonight’s All-Star Game.

(Odds courtesy FanDuel)


All-Star Game Player Props

Aaron Judge to get a Hit

Here’s what we do know. Aaron Judge will face Clayton Kershaw in the first inning on the American League side. The lineup configuration for the American League starts with Shohei Ohtani leading off with Aaron Judge batting second and Rafael Devers batting third.

Ohtani and Devers are both lefties, and while they’ve hit lefties well in their careers, they’re not hitting lefties like Aaron Judge has this season. Judge has torched lefties all season long and will now have a quality matchup going up against Kershaw.

Meanwhile, Kershaw hasn’t even been the best pitcher in the National League this year. He’s had some near-perfect games, but ultimately, his ERA is still higher than others in the National League. If Kershaw isn’t 100 percent on his game, he’s hittable, and he’s blown up sometimes.

I’m not saying he’s going to get blown up, but I do think Judge has a chance to land a base hit against him.

Bet: Judge to get a Hit (-260 at FanDuel)

Paul Goldschmidt to Get a Hit

Paul Goldschmidt is currently hitting .330 on the season. That means throughout the entire first half of the season, even against some of the best pitchers in the game, he’s hitting a base hit 33 percent of the time.

Goldschmidt will probably only get two plate appearances in tonight’s game, but he has been seeing the ball well throughout the season.

He’s batting .446 against lefties in 65 plate appearances and could have a plate appearance against Shane McClanahan, a lefty. Yes, McClanahan is hard to hit, but if there’s one guy who can figure him out, it’s Paul Goldschmidt.

Bet: Goldschmidt to get a Hit (-210 at FanDuel)

Juan Soto to Win MVP

I mean, why not? Juan Soto turned down nearly half of a billion dollars and then ended up winning the Home Run Derby. He’s got to be feeling good, and an All-Star Game MVP would only add to his potential new contract extension.

Soto was either going to come into this week depressed or come in enjoying every moment. And so far, he’s enjoying every moment and not allowing distractions to get him. Take a flier on Soto to win the MVP for the National League.

This is a long shot! Bet it like it’s a long shot!

Bet: Juan Soto to win MVP (+5000 at FanDuel)


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Author: Micheal May