The Sunday Supplement – Xmas Edition –

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 
A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.

A quick mention that with the break in racing just before Christmas, there will be no Sunday supplement next weekend. It’ll resume on January 3rd. We here at PuntHub hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year no matter what you decide to do in these unusual circumstances.

Onwards with our weekly overview..

Four winners this week and more struggle for Alex. Sunny Isle Beach a 5.5-point winner at Gulfstream while Franco returned 6.6 points profit. Drifted now to a huge -74 overall, going to take something big now to recover.

The Trader
Thirteen winners this week for The Trader and all the little winners adding up to an overall profit. Onemoreknightihope hit the target at Naas returning 3.5 points and Friend or Foe returned 2.75 points helping the Trader into the black for the month.

14.51 up for the month from 116 staked. 31 winners so far this month. Better so far this month, lets hope it can continue.

The Lowdown
Not really getting going this month but five winners this week bringing his overall back into profit. Richard R H B the pick of his winners adding 4 points profit.

1.71 up this month at the mid point of December and while its not a big return building on last months’ recovery from -15 it is a profit. 5.04 up overall after 70 staked.

Top of The Pops
Two winners and a small dent in last months’ loss for TOTP. The White Mouse a 4-point winner at Cheltenham.4.95 up for the month and -7.05 left to go before a profit. At 33% the strike rate is much improved on the previous month – an upwards curve that needs to continue.

High Five
One bet one winner this month with Manjaam a 6-point winner at Newcastle.100% record this month for High Five and I bet nobody will complain!

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Lay 2 Liability
At £67.29 up this month and with 67 “wins” from 87 “bets” there’s plenty of reasons to be positive as Paul steers the group through a make or break month for the lays. The strike rate is also looking healthy at 81.71% for the month.

November was rough and Paul took it head on, December has shown a steady recovery and I think he’ll be really happy with. Its also great to see the positivity in the group as results return and members gain confidence once again.

Taylor Made
Less Taylor more butcher this month as the service slips to -40 for the month. Fado Des Brosses the pick of just four winners this week adding 3.53 points profit.

At -40 the changes that saw a 71.05 return in November don’t appear to be having the same affect. At 13.24% the strike rate is also suffering this month.

Wedge Winners
Sixteen winners this week and a good looking month for Wedge Winners at the halfway stage. Admiral’s Secret returned 8.50 points at Ludlow while The White Mouse got in the winner’s circle for a 4-point profit.

24.65 points up for the month from 151 and it seems to be back to plain sailing for Wedge Winners after a massive 729 staked the month before. 

Three winners this week and a loss of -104.25 so far this month as HRN struggles to find form. I’m not picking a winner worth mentioning because of the lack of significance.

Just last week I mentioned the service being 5 points up with a flurry of winners helping him back into profit. He’ll need plenty of winners to get out of this hole but – and its a big but – it has been done to some extent before, so lets hold our breath and hope the latter stages of the month can see it home back towards break even.

Home Form
Home Fortress at the moment with our football mans form very much back on track. A massive 26 points profit was knocked in when Dynamo Bucuresti, SC Freiburg, Flamengo, Lille and Napoli for the Acca and doubles to all land. Middlesbrough, Liverpool and Barcelona all converted too landing another 9.87 points profit.

That’s taken HF to 30.46 points profit from 30 staked or 101.53% ROI for the month. 64.44 overall from 324 staked for an ROI of 19%.

The Master Plan
Four winners this week and a small profit for the month. Hurricane Harvey the pick of his winners returning 3.5 at Doncaster.

4.15 up from 47 staked for an 8.83% ROI this month. While its not the best return it is a profit and its a steady one.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?
Home Form– on form once again and a tidy profit this month. The acca providing the punch to propel his month into a solid profit. With the remainder of the season available for just £50 its an absolute bargain too. Have a look here.

Lay2Liability– Paul will be happy to see L2L here and deservedly so. The lays are back into form and its due to his input that the service is back where it should rightfully be. Hopefully the month continues the same way and his month end review will be a positive one!

Wedge Winners– 24.65 up this month and looking good once again after a rather poor November. The strike rate sits well above average at 33.11% or 50 winners from a more palatable 151 staked. 

Winner of the Week Is- 
Admiral’s Secret takes the top spot for Wedge Winners returning 8.5 points profit.Credit also goes to Lay2Liability getting odds-on shot Mobadell beaten at 1.96.

A note from the author
Again nothing really for me to do other than wish you all a merry christmas, happy new year, and stay safe whatever you’re all upto over the festive period.

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Author: Micheal May