The Sunday Supplement – 29/11/20 –

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A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.-
Onwards with our weekly overview..

The Trader
A new service that we introduced earlier this week, offering information around what has been backed and how much has gone down. Eight winners this week but no progress so far for The Trader. Farne a 5-point winner at Lingfield and the only winner worthy of a mention.

At -0.78 down for the week its nothing to worry about in the first week of his trial. Very early days. 

The Lowdown
Five winners this week for Andy and his ‘Lowdown’, and a brief spell in the black (+1.58) from his rocky start (-16). First Man knocking in a hefty 12-point winner at Huntingdon while War Hero also gets a mention adding 5.5 points at Dundalk. Sitting at -3.42 and he’s been kicking on the door now with the winners building up. Anything could happen between now and the month end and fingers crossed he can end the month in a profit.

You can join the trial here.

Top of The Pops
No winners this week and a drift to -11. Its not been a great start to the trial. Hopefully the service can kick on and show some of the profit he returned pre trial.

High Five
No bets this week. Up 12 points from 9 staked with just days left of the month.

You can join the above free services here

Lay 2 Liability
Been a really rough period for Paul & the lays. The strike has drifted to 77.56% and the service is showing a £43.59 loss for November to £10 liability.

There’s no hiding away here at PuntHub, when a service isn’t doing well we won’t cover it up. It’s not been a great month for the lays and we all know that. With a couple of minor changes made we can be hopeful the downturn has began to turn and the winners will again start flowing.

Members will get a monthly review as normal on Monday night.

Taylor Made
Nine winners and a massive step forward this month with one selection really hammering the profit home.

Thahab Ifraj added 8.00 points back at Kempton, Born By The Sea also worthy of a mention returning 7.50 points back at Wetherby. Both were totally eclipsed by Chevillon knocking in a magnificent 28 points profit at Dundalk. Better still, BFSP punters bagged a huge 44.31 points!

+73.53 Taylor is flying now coming up to month end. Big winners and a more selective process has made for a return to form and followers will be ecstatic about that.

Wedge Winners
Thirty-five winners but no progress and only a small portion of the story is told with those two stats.

At an absolutely huge 648 bets this month November has seen the most tips in a single month ever. While at 158 winners its also a record amount of winners in a month. With the strike rate taking a dip at 24.38%. Average odds at 4.79 compared to the average at 5.07 is another indicator as to why 35 winners isn’t making a dent.

It’ll be WW first losing month and It’s disappointing to see the streak come to an end, but realistically long term followers won’t be worried as they have already built up a substantial tank from 9 straight months of profit!

Hopefully December the man who hates chips will be back on song.

Just fourteen winners this week but a vital difference from WW.Llandinabo Lad noteworthy adding 13 points at Haydock. First Man thumped in 24 points of profit at Huntingdon and Chevillon Smashed in another 28 points at Dundalk.

All in all a massive 40 point upswing this month that’s turned the month around bar 5 points.

The chips are never down with HRN, merely just waiting to be cooked.

The average odds sit high at 10.87 and the strike rate is somewhat on average at 11.21%. HRN is a service that intentionally goes out looking for value and hence is priced accordingly.

A long term mind-set is definitely required. Short term punters need not apply.

Home Form
No bets this week.

The Master Plan
Eight winners this week and honestly, more should be taking note. Llandinabo Lad a 6.5-point winner at Haydock while Lady of York added another 5.5 points at Wolverhampton.

21 points profit from 67 staked for November.

That’s absolutely bang on, a solid ROI of 31.46% further reinforces that. A strike rate almost 10% above average at 26.87% along with October is a clear indicator that the refinement of the service has clearly worked.

How’s the results?

View the results here

So what’s to watch?
The Master Plan– Two solid months now in the bag and confidence for the man with the plan is high. Eight winners this week reinforcing his credentials followed on with some really solid stats. Selective tipping never looked so good! TMP is part of our Black Friday deal and you can get on board for just £20 a month. Click here

HRN– a big turnaround this week with big odds winners putting him back in the frame. It may not be enough to turn over the last 5 points but its a huge turnaround and a very big point for stinking to the long term plan. HRN is also available along with Wedge Winners for £30 a month on our Black Friday deals. Click here

Taylor Made– Another win for selective tipping. The Taylor has been working hard to grind down his selections and has achieved that with a very successful month. 73.53 points this month returned from 135 staked and that more than half the 307 he staked in August. It’s a big improvement to drop the number of selections and keep the profit too. The Taylor is a great fit to anyone’s portfolio at just £20 a month. Get involved. 

Winner of the Week Is- 
HRN & Taylor Made tie for top spot with 28-point winner Chevillon at Dundalk. BFSP followers on Taylor Made got one better and ended up with a whopping 44.31 points returned.

A note from the author
What a difference a week makes..
From the grim outlook of last week comes a week full of winners and progress for at least 4 tipsters.

Fingers crossed Man City can finally get going this week now Aguero is almost fully fit, I feel it’s going to be a long season. But the great news this week that Pep has comitted his future to city is probably the week maker for me personally.

We inch ever closer to December and we bolstered our ranks with 3 new free trials in November. Let’s hope we have found a diamond or two in the rough and that our premium guys can get going again in December. Surely the bets time to join is at the end of a downswing? So get joining!

If anyone has any questions or wants to join our chat community you’re more than welcome.Be nice, say hi.

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Author: Micheal May