The Sunday Supplement – 17/01/21 –

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub.

A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.-

Onwards with our weekly overview..

If you’re going to steal tips, at least steal from someone good?
Given the boot.

The Lowdown
One winner for TL and once again a lack of progress the main talking point for a service that showed good pre trial potential. Happy to give it more time but it needs to pick up soon.

Stay With Me the only winner helping his plight adding 2.75 points back.18 staked and -6 for the month. -7.38 from 102 overall.

Top of The Pops
Two winners this week and the work being undone once again.
Pempie the pick of the pair with a 7.5-point return at Dundalk.

10.75 up this month and constantly flirting with an overall profit. The strike rate has risen considerably to 30.77% but constantly just stopping short of a profit overall. 

High Five
One bet one loser and no winners so far in 2021 for High Five.
-4 from 4 staked this month and nothing in the bag yet!

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Lay 2 Liability
18 winners from 23 bets this week and a 78.26% SR. A small step forward with +4.24 profit.

Hiroshi and Bali boy (place lay) two of the winners in a Six winner run.
The month still looking strong with 40 winners from 50 bets, the SR for the month bang on target at 80%.

+15.00 points profit for the month taking the total profit to date to +143.70 points.

Taylor Made
Four winners this week and despite the prices its still a small loss for the month. Port Of Mars returning 4.9 while Manjaam returned 4.72.

60 staked a 6.45-point loss this month.
A loss this month will mean the first pair of losing months since the start of the service.

Wedge Winners
Thirteen winners this week and wedges showing a small profit for the effort. Lily The Pink returning 6 points profit from 2 staked while Pempie a 6.5-point winner at Dundalk.

6.31 up from 78 and the strike rate remains higher than usual at 30.77%. Let’s hope the overall profit grows along with the other figures showing promise.

Ten winners this week but some really heavy hitters in there. Millers Bank returning 20.00 points profit while Ventura Lightning lumped in a hefty 22 points from 2 staked.

93.20 up from 168 staked for the month and still looking strong at 55.48% up for the month 14.29% SR or 24 winners this month with the average odds showing just below the average at 10.38 despite the week’s big winners.

I’ve been asked about the bank this week in the chat. Biggest drawdown to date is a heft -217, so a medium risk bank would be 440 points.It’s probably unlikely to hit such a drawdown again but we can only go by what has happened previously. Hope this helps.

Home Form
Nothing this weekend for Home Form.

The Master Plan
One winner from TMP. Ballybegg the only selection on target returning 2.75.
20 staked and -6.25 to show for it. The SR has taken a dip too at 15.00% or 3 winners. Rather underwhelming but there’s time yet.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?

HRN – Big winners this week give him the headlines and the plaudits. At 419 points up overall he’s not quite back to the start point before the horror month but at 93 points up for January it certainly takes a big chunk out! 

Winner of the Week Is- 
HRN cleans up with Ventura Lightning a 2 point staked 22-point winner at Newcastle

A note from the author
Nothing to note this week guys.-

Enjoy Your Sunday.


Author: Micheal May