The Sunday Supplement – 13/12/20 –

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A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.-

Onwards with our weekly overview..

After a solid first day its been a rather lacklustre week for our US tipper. My Boy Blue easily worth a mention tough returning 14 points profit.
-37 so far at this early stage in the trial.

The Trader
Eleven winners and just scraping out of the red. Storm Control returning 6.50 and the only really worthy mention pushing service back into the black.

Just 2.81 points up overall. Not really what we were expecting so far, albeit a difficult service to judge on profit/loss alone as all it does it highlight money horses.

The Lowdown
Just two winners this week and so far failing to gather momentum from last month. Social City a worthy mention returning 3.5 points profit at Wolverhampton.
Currently -6.62 from 20 staked and just 4 winners so far this month. 

Top of The Pops
Just one winner this week for TOTP. Newbolt a 3.2-point winner at Southwell.-8.8 and really needs to find some form, so far he’s closer to the bottom of the charts than top. 

High Five
No bets this week. The first selection of the month has gone out though.

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Lay 2 Liability
Up to 36 winners from 45 bets this month and a £13.42 profit so far for December. Speak Of The Devil (Place Lay) and Sunset West both worthy of a mention as Paul looks to push further into profit. 

Strike rate holding at 80% which is good news.

Taylor Made
Just two winners this week. Brotherly Company and Politologue the only selections to convert. -20.47 so far this month from 36 staked and an uphill climb for the Taylor to recover the month.

A bit of a lul after ending November +71 to BFSP.

Wedge Winners
Eleven winners this week but less bets balancing it out.
Mister Fisher a 5-point winner and Bridle Loanan also returning 5 points at Fontwell.

4.99 up from 97 staked and I suppose it could be worse. Strike rate looking solid for the month at 28.87%.

Likely that some small tweaks were made after last months loss, but no worries here, a losing month was probably overdue and the service appears to be back on track now. 

Eleven winners this week and big odds providing the punch.
Tortuga Bay returning a hefty 12 points profit, Bridle Loanan returning 10 points (2 staked) and Mister Fisher knocking a solid 15 points profit (3 staked).

Only +5 but it’s better than -5 and gives the service a foundation to build upon for the rest of December.

Home Form
Turning into a repeat whenever Home Form bets just mentioning how unlucky he is to be let down. Galatasaray, Sao Paulo and Liverpool managed to mitigate some of the damage though. Fingers crossed the football service can start to build some form.
First match of this weekends bets obliged on Friday.

The Master Plan
The big performer this week and rightly getting mentioned left right and centre. Five winners this week and a good step forward once again.

Conflated a 6.5-point winner while Split Elevens also gets a mention adding 5.4 points. 12 points up this month from 22 staked and once again a high strike rate at 31.82% for the month.

The Master Plan is hot stuff right now. As I type this he’s just knocked in his first winner on a cold wet Saturday.

Stop missing this gold mine of a service.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?
The Master Plan
The old dog can still keep up with the newer services! At 12 points up this month TMP is looking solid long term with the last 2 months looking sound since the changes. Lower staking means 12 points profit looks fantastic. Really worth a follow.

Some big winners this week helping to get his month going in the right direction. Was around -20 points down last week and as I said before the heavy hitting winners did their bit to help the service into a December profit.

Winner of the Week Is- My Boy Blue returned 14.4 points profit for USAlex and earned him top spot despite an overall poor start to his trial. Hopefully it’ll spur him on to recover the month!

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Author: Micheal May