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Sports Betting Lifestyle: Hot Dog Protester Leads to Bad Beat Refunds on Joey Chestnut Wagers

Hot dogs generally don’t come with a money back guarantee. Except on July 4, it would seem.

To no one’s surprise, Joey Chestnut turned in another dominating performance. Yet again he would capture the men’s title at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Viewers also learned that the world’s #1 competitive eater is also quite the talented multi-tasker.

Chestnut was in the midst of consuming 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the title for the seventh year in a row and 15th time in 16 years. However, Chestnut’s weiner gobbling was disrupted by an animal rights activist who stormed the stage wearing a Darth Vader mask.

Chestnut immediately showed this Darth wannabe who his daddy was.

It was an impressive display of athletic versatility. Chestnut wrapped up the protester in a right-arm headlock, flinging him to the ground. All the while, he kept his left hand free to continue slamming weiners down his gullet.

Believe it or not, in 2019 there was actually a prop bet offered on whether the contest would be disrupted by a PETA protester.

July 4: Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Bad Beats

Every July 4, Chestnut is a virtual guarantee to be the winner of the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. This July 4, he’s also a money-back guarantee.

Downing a total of 63 hots dogs, he was easily outdistancing second-place finisher Geoffrey Esper (47.5). However, the number was a far cry from the world record of 76 frankfurters he put away while winning last year’s event.

Online sports betting sites were setting the total for hot dogs eaten by Nathan’s 2020 men’s competition winner at 74.5. There’s good news for those playing the over. Already, a few of those sportsbooks are feeling your pain.

FanDuel, Barstool Sportsbooks and DraftKings are all confirming that they will be refunding the stake for all those who put money on the over of 74.5 weiners.

DraftKings released a statement regarding the incident: “The Hot Dog Contest earlier today saw Joey Chestnut win for the 15th time by completing 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes. However, Chestnut’s pace was briefly slowed down when a protestor rushed the stage.

“For this situation DraftKings had our bettors backs by refunding all bets on Chestnut 74.5+ Hot Dogs Eaten and on Chestnut to break the all time hot dog record.”

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Barstool Providing Bad Beat Insurance

Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy took to social media to confirm that they would also be refunding all over bets on Chestnut.

“During the Nathan’s Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey Chestnut was attacked mid-competition by an anti-American protester who tried to fight freedom,” the statement read. “But ever the patriot, Chestnut fought off the protester, choked him out, and continued downing dogs to win his 15th title in 16 years, all while he was on crutches no less.

“As a result, the Barstool Sportsbook will be offering bad beat insurance for anyone who bet the over the Chestnut’s total hot dogs consumed, and they will get their money back. Why? Because Barstool Sportsbook is America’s sportsbook. And any other Sportsbook that doesn’t also offer insurance must be pro-China communists.

“We have no further comment at this time.”

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Author: Micheal May