Mets vs. Cubs Home Run Prop Bet Odds for Friday, July 15 (2022)

Home Run player prop bet odds are always favorable because of the infrequency of home runs. Even baseball’s most prolific home run hitters go days or weeks without hitting one, so the sportsbooks can’t juice the odds because no one would wager on them. But these wagers can be profitable because of those favorable odds if you focus on matchups and projections and look for the right opportunities.

The BettingPros MLB Prop Bet Cheat Sheet is a great resource for researching these home run wagers and other player prop bets. This cheat sheet compares projections to the odds at every major sportsbook and instantly identifies the best opportunities for bettors. The filters let you focus on specific players, stats, or sportsbooks.

Let’s take a look at the best Home Run Prop Bet Odds for today’s Mets vs. Cubs game on ESPN+.


Mets vs. Cubs To Hit a Home Run Prop Bet Odds


What are Player Props?

Player props refer to wagers that bettors can make based on player performance in a specific game. The majority of player props are built around the most common statistical benchmarks such as strikeouts for pitchers or total bases for hitters. Most player props are straight over/under plays that open at or near -110 and are adjusted based on where the money lands.


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Author: Micheal May