How Much Money Will New York Bet on the Super Bowl?

  • Super Bowl 56 between the Cincinnati Bengals and LA Rams kicks off February 13, 2022
  • New York broke the record for monthly sports betting handle in January with $1.6 billion wagered
  • Download a New York sportsbook app and bet on the big game from anywhere in the Empire State

The biggest sports betting event of the year is just around the corner, and New York sportsbook apps have arrived just in time.

The American Gaming Association (AGA) estimates 31.4 million Americans will bet a total of $7.61 billion on Super Bowl LVI. This is the first year New Yorkers can legally wager on the Super Bowl with online sportsbooks, and the Empire State will likely be the largest contributor to this record betting volume.

Read on for a breakdown of just how much money New York could bet on Super Bowl 56 between the Cincinnati Bengals and LA Rams.

Record Betting Volume Expected for Super Bowl 56 With Online NY Sportsbooks

The AGA is anticipating a record betting year for Super Bowl LVI. Their latest estimates are calling for a 78% increase in betting volume over last year’s big game, including a projected total of 12.9 million people placing a bet online.

New York sportsbook apps started launching January 8, and it only took the Empire State three weeks to set a record of their own. The New York State Gaming Commission reported over $1.6 billion in total sports wagers from January 8 through January 30, setting a state record for total sports betting volume in one month.

The first weekend of wagering with NY sports betting sites brought in a total of $171,298,257 in mobile wagers. There’s almost no chance New York will wager less than $170 million on the biggest game of the year.

The availability of online New York sports betting will be a massive contributor towards what is expected to be a record for Super Bowl wagering.

Projected NY Super Bowl 56 Betting Handle

One simple way of projecting a NY sports betting handle for Super Bowl 56 is to divide the AGA figures like a pizza at a Super Bowl party.

With a population of approximately 20,201,249 people, New York accounts for just over 6% of the total US population (331,449,281). If we take the AGA projections into consideration, 6% of $7.61 billion comes out to $456,600,000.

Estimated NY Super Bowl 56 Betting Volume: $400 – $500 Million

A $450 million total from one state might seem impossible, but early figures from the first few weeks of online NY wagering support this. New Yorkers have consistently been betting over $400 million in total each week since sportsbook apps launched.

As the biggest betting event of the year, there’s little reason to doubt the Empire State could wager over $400 million on Super Bowl Sunday.

Download NY Sportsbook Apps Before the Big Game

Millions of New Yorkers have already downloaded sportsbook apps and are betting on their favorite games on the go. Some of the best Super Bowl betting apps are readily available for fans in the Empire State.

Here’s a full list of NY sports betting apps you can download and use to wager on the Super Bowl:

NY Super Bowl Betting Apps

You’ll find the latest Super Bowl odds on these easy-to-use mobile apps, and registering will automatically unlock some incredibly valuable Super Bowl betting promotions for the big game.

Stay Tuned for the Latest New York Sports Betting Numbers

As the New York State Gaming Commission releases weekly figures for mobile sports betting volume, we’ll be keeping a close eye to see how accurate these projections were.

With New York sports betting revenue setting new records in January, Super Bowl 56 will undoubtedly help the state surpass $1 billion in total wagers yet again through February. Stay tuned to Sports Betting Dime for the latest news and analysis on these massive figures.

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Author: Micheal May