2022 NCAA Tournament: The Perfect Bracket for Large Pools (March Madness)

Welcome to my bracket advice series, where I will be writing an article covering the perfect bracket for small pools, medium pools, and large pools. Here is my advice for filling out a medium pool. To clarify, I see a large pool as any pool with more than 1000 people. Here are my three main tips for small pool bracket filling with an example bracket in the end. Feel free to copy-paste if you want.

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Avoid Gonzaga as Your Champion

This is an easy way to get creative with your bracket. I have to imagine a higher percentage of brackets will have Gonzaga as their champion than what their true odds are. Not only should you make sure Gonzaga isn’t your champion but you can get creative with it. The West Region is the power region in this tournament, there are plenty of options to come out of that region.

Get a Little Crazy

In order to win a bracket with thousands of entrants, you have to get mad for some March Madness. Going chalky might do well, but won’t win in a large bracket pool. Predicting what the madness will look like is risky and difficult, but if you get it right, the risk is well worth the reward. Identify teams with likely Cinderella runs and identify your teams that are seeded 5th or worse to make the Final Four.

Remember Reality

March is pretty mad, but don’t be putting Colgate in your Final Four, or Davidson as your champion. You can have a double-digit or two in your Elite Eight, and maybe a riskier 14 over 3, but don’t go insane when filling out your bracket. Keep it realistic while finding creative ways to give you the best leverage.

The Perfect Bracket for Large Pools

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Author: Micheal May